Guest Blog Post by Krisha

Heys guys I’m back! Today leah isn’t blog posting her friend Krisha is! Make sure to go check out my blog by clicking my name! Today me and Leah decided to guest blog for each other. In a few minutes me and Leah are going back over to our science teachers class room because we are doing activities for Earth week which include guest reading for younger kids and going to another class and teaching how to make a water cycle. Leah and I are going over to his class because we need to know how to make a water cycle so we can teach another class how to build it.Okay we have to go now but make sure to go check out my BLOG! Bye!

Cleaning/ Last Day Slice Of Life 4/30


Today I went over to my Grandmas house to help her clean. I did Laundry and vacuumed just like the last time. I was there till 8:30 than I went home and ate. For dinner I had Nachos!!!! Its also the LAST DAY!!!!! I have completed it everyday now!! If you are doing it I hope you made it all the way. If you didn’t make it all the way you still tried your best and that’s all that matters.

Soccer Games & Birthdays 🎂 Slice Of Life 4/29

Yesterday I had a soccer game!! It was a really close game the score was 2-2 at the last few minutes. Than everyone’s hearts sank. They had just scored with 1 minute left in the game. We all just got it out of our minds and acted like nothing happened. Than the excitement grew we were down in there half Emily our defender was playing the wing position, she had made an amazing cross! We followed it and the goalie saved it but she did not pick it up so technically we could still shoot so we did and it hit her in the gut but did not go in. They had ended up getting it out of there box than the game was over. We had nothing to be upset about it was a close game. They had only scored cause we were ball watching. We had an amazing game especially me here’s why…. In the very beginning of the game they had gotten an early corner kick. They decided to play it short than cross it, I had recognized it so I went up there jumped to my side to try to stop the ball from going across and I did…. The only thing is that I got drilled in the side of the head by a soccer ball. When I had gotten hit in the head it hit me so hard that it knocked my feet out from under me. Another thing is that someone was wrapping her arm around mine like she wanted to be best friends . Since she rapped her arm around mind I couldn’t get away so she ended up taking it from me. I had throw my arms up to be like “ come on how is that not a foul “ but I wasn’t going to let that little thing mess up my game.. and I didn’t.


Today I also had a game which was State CUP Qualification! We had to leave basically right after school at 5 to get to the game. We got there did our regular warm ups then started the game. They were a really fast team and it trough us off at first getting them 3 goal early on but we kept our heads in it and kept fighting. We had a free kick down in there half just outside there box on the right. Some girl was almost choking me but they cleared it right to our defender Molly she shot the ball and another girl on my team dummied the ball (acting like she was going to get it) and we got a goal from it. It was the second half the other parents were getting really annoying and rude. Our defender Emily got fouled and they said “ she just doesn’t know how to stay on here feet “ when she was right there. But we got another goal but ended up losing 3-2. I had really good plays and played to the best to my ability. On the five home from my soccer game we went through the city and took some beautiful pictures…..


Today is also my Best Friends birthday!!! She played on my soccer team last year and just became my Best Friend!! She’s not on our team this year because she moved thousands of miles away to Arizona. 🙁 But she still is my  Best Friend!!!


Slice Of Life 4/28

It’s Sunday!! I am driving to my soccer game right now!!! We are playing against CUP 2 North I’m the same team but South! We are going to win so tomorrow I will update on the score and everything!! I’m really excited for Monday cause it’s our first of many qualification games to enter State!! I’ll be back tomorrow!!!

Slice Of life 4/27

It’s Saturday!!!!! I had a soccer game at 10 am!!! We won 4-2!! We played against a team named Arsenal which is a CU team ( lowers division than us but still a good team ). Some people on that team might be looking to go to a higher division CUP so we had to play to show them that they were are spots on the team. I have a game tomorrow wish me luck!!

Slice Of Life 4/26


Today I had to make up for my test I didn’t do on Wednesday ( Ohio State Test ). It’s was the first part of my Science test. I have 2 soccer games this weekend and State Qualification on Monday!!!!! My mom and I got our hair cut for the Summer time. I had gotten 3 inches off. I LOVE it!!! Hope you had a great day!!


Recess Wipeout Slice Of Life 4/25

                  Recess Wipeout



Isabella, Krisha and I were hanging out at recess. We were bored out of our minds or at least I was at first until… we starting playing pac-man on the 4 square lines. It was actually so intense and scary cause we were getting chased but also trying not to get tagged. Krisha started being it and eventually got me. Once I was it I had first said “ I’m going to slip on this” because it was wet out and we were basically running in circles. I was going for Krisha than I had seen Isabella out of the corner of my eye. So I ran to go get her and we made a sharp right turn when my right foot slipped, I screamed😂, than was on the ground. The whole side of my right foot was scrapped my knee was bruised. But at first I didn’t even realize I had gotten hurt. Once I had fallen I had first turned and started  hysterically laughing. All thought they were all like “ LEAH ARE YOU OKAY “ even thought I was fine. Once I got inside I got a wet towel whipped it off and all of the redness went away . Than I was fine like I was before I just played it off the whole day like nothing happened.


Sick Feeling Slice Of Life 4/23


Hey guys 🙁 I am supposed to have state testing tomorrow and Thursday but it looks as if I’m going to make up tomorrows on Friday or next week. I have not been feeling good all day. In the morning I thought I was gonna throw up than it stopped but throughout the whole day my stomach hurt. After school I went straight to soccer and on the way there I told her about it but I was gonna try to go through soccer with no problems. When I got over there I was suddenly cold all of a sudden from the wind I guessed. Every one asked why like I was crazy 😉 I felt like I was going to get sick again so I was going over to my moms car to tell her, I was doing a light jog and than it happened I got sick right there one the soccer field. I had finally got to my car after all that happened and told her. I had started crying cause I wanted to do soccer but I had just felt sick to my stomach. My coach came over cause my whole team had just sawn me bend over like I had just gotten sick and I had. She was just making sure I was okay than I got back in the car right as I had arrived at soccer drove home and went straight to bed at 5. I had a fever after that at 100.7 when my mom woke me up at 11 to take my temperature. Than I went back to bed.

Slice Of Life 4/22


Today after school I walked to My Grandmas house with my sister at 4:45 because we were helping here with chores. When I got there my jobs were to do her laundry clean it, dry it and fold it. My next one was to vacuum and sweep. My sister Hailey had to clean out her cat bins. I was there until 7: 30. Than went home got my clean clothes than went to bed.



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